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The Hospitality Charter: the associated hospitality activities, hotel and non-hotel, provide rooms and/or apartments to rent in different buildings in the villages of Manarola, Groppo and Volastra; the buildings make up a kind of "hotel you cannot see" as the rooms and apartments intended for guests are not all in one building, created “ad hoc”, but are located within the pre-existing uninhabited and restructured historical buildings..

Who are we

Manarola, Cinque Terre

For the ones who desire to visit the Cinque Terre and dream of a unique experience in a comfortable, qualified accommodation in one of the true, ancient towns worldwide known for their uniqueness and beauty...

The Touristic Consortium In-Manarola associates qualified accommodations, located in the villages of Manarola, Groppo and Volastra, in the heart of the National Park of Cinque Terre.

Spending a holiday with us means fully enjoying a stretch of the Riviera where nature is less contaminated. The terraced landscape which is the only one of its kind, the endless network of trails, the wide choice of food and wine, the clean sea, the architectural value and the quality of our hospitality will make your stay unforgettable.

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