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The village of Manarola is crossed by the river Groppo, visible on the upper part of the village and covered on the rest of the village. It  takes its name from the small village that is located going up the river for little more than one mile.groppo
Groppo  is a small village built on the steep slopes of sandstone mountain on the north bank of the river, with the typical geometry of the other agglomerations of the Cinque Terre. The narrow and high stone houses are built side by side and overlapping one to the other. Its multi-coloured facades are very typical and the houses are linked by the so-called “carugi”, a system of narrow stone-paved alleys on different levels and vertically linked by steep stairs. On the ground floor are lined the cellars while the housing is on the upper floors.
The village of Groppo is 192 meters above sea level and it is a country ward of Manarola, under the municipality of Riomaggiore. Statistics say that 54 inhabitants live in this little village.
The village of Groppo  is located half way between Manarola and Volastra, and it is easily accessible by car.

Groppo is situated along the axis Manarola-Groppo-Volastra-Corniglia and Vernazza. It also has a convenient parking near the village.
Starting on foot from Manarola, it is easy to reach Groppo with the old path which until the seventies was used by mules to cater the village before the implementation of the provincial road. The path goes alongside the river, although it is interrupted by a few crossings with the provincial road and while going through it you bump into beautiful orchards, vineyards and olive groves, favored by the micro-climate and the abundance of fresh water.
Once you have reached the village you may continue in several directions, in particular you may go up to the ridge and take path n. 1 or go to Volastra and walk towards Corniglia on a beautiful path with sea-view.
The village is very quite and its position is favored by its exposure to fresh and sheltered winds besides its proximity to woods and vineyards and the easy connection with the network of footpaths and the limited distance from the sea, makes it an ideal place for a holiday of rest and contact with nature.
Thanks to the absence of productive activities and  being outside the major tourist flows, the quality of lifestyle is very high.
In a short walking distance from the village, you may find the headquarters and the sales’point of  the Cooperativa Agricola delle Cinque Terre, the largest producer of wine of the entire district. The Cooperative collects the grapes from the small producers of all the villages of the Cinque Terre and produces its own excellent D.O.C. wine both dry and sweet, the legendary Schiacchetrà.