Touristic Consortium "In Manarola" – Volastra – Groppo

Hotel, B&B, rooms and apartments in Manarola – Cinque Terre

The ‘ Village-Hotel’

The ‘ Village-Hotel’
The associated tourism activities, hotel and non-hotel, provide rooms and/or apartments in different properties in the villages of Manarola, Groppo and Volastra, in the heart of the Cinque Terre National Park.
Together, the associated guesthouses make up a kind of “hotel you cannot see” where the rooms and apartments allocated to guests are not all in one building, created “ad hoc”, but are located within the preexisting uninhabited and restructured historical buildings.
The common goal is to strengthen our type of hospitality, attentive to the themes of of sustainability, recovery of the local character, of the authenticity of the experience and, at the same time, aiming to provide a high quality tourism service..


  • economic and social sustainability and respect of the local cultural environment: idespread micro-enterprise, allows income and employment in the area to be maintained; therefore it represents a true social defence as it avoids depopulation of the villages, without contaminating the local culture, environment, identity of the places; the “village inn” allows the inhabited centres to maintain a variety of functions, residential, business, artisanal, agricultural;
  • environmental sustainability: creation of our accommodation has not had an environmental impact as it did not require construction of new buildings, but rather simple restructuring and evaluation of the old existing urban heritage;
  • authenticity of the experience: unlike the traditional big tourist facilities (large hotels, tourist residences, tourist villages etc.) our original lodgings allow tourists to stay in houses designed as real homes, with structural characteristics which differ from those designed for “tourists”.  Guests can also live in contact with residents, rather than with other tourists; the experience of the place thereby becomes an experience of the overall culture of the community as a whole in its various manifestations;


All features are detailed in the “HOSPITALITY CHARTER Read More

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